Are All Dental Implants the Same?

The short answer is no.
A dental implant is similar to other pieces of precision machinery and engineering. As such, implant quality is dependent on research, testing, design, quality control, manufacturing standards, and product support.
Like watches, there are hundreds of implant manufacturers arounds the world. Just as there Rolex knock-offs, there are copies of the highest quality, most expensive dental implants (Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra).
The doctors at Alamitos Oral Surgery use genuine Straumann and Nobel Biocare implants and components. These companies manufacture the finest dental implants available. They are some of the largest, most established implant manufacturers with decades of research and unwavering product support.
As in everything we do at Alamitos Oral Surgery, quality of care is never compromised.
– The Doctors of A.O.S.