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    Are all dental implants the same?

    The short answer is no. A dental implant is similar to other pieces of precision machinery and engineering.  As such, implant quality is dependent on research, testing, design, quality control, manufacturing standards, and product support. Like watches, there are hundreds of…

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    Can I get an implant and crown placed the same day as a tooth extraction?

    These days we are always in a hurry. We are being pulled in hundreds of directions: family, work, spouse, friends, Christmas shopping, and then… you break your front tooth! Then you see your dentist and you are told about something…

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    CDA Cares Pomona

    CDA Cares is this weekend in Pomona. The doctors and staff of Alamitos Oral Surgery are excited to volunteer our time on Saturday (11/22). Patients under financial hardship, who are in need of free dental care, can register for the event:…

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    Post Extraction Bleeding

    Here is a topic that is relevant for extractions, especially upper (maxillary) wisdom teeth. Bleeding is normal after a tooth extraction. However it should stop later that day. A non-wisdom tooth will typically ooze blood for under an hour, then form…

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    After an extraction….how do I know if there is a problem

    Hello. I thought I’d start off this blog by writing a little about things that occasionally happen after an extraction. Infection Infections are marked by fever, pain, swelling, and redness.  They generally occur a few days after a procedure, requiring…

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    Your First Visit

    Our office staff is dedicated to making your first visit a pleasant experience, and minimize the anxiety of undergoing surgery. To make the process as efficient as possible, please download and print the “Patient Registration Form” and “Health History Questionaire,” and…

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